Areas of Practice

Real estate litigation

OGR has a wide variety of experience representing landowners, developers, brokers, and landlords in all aspects of commercial litigation concerning real estate. Cases handled include everything from complex partnership disputes, easement disputes, purchase disputes, lease disputes, and studio location disputes, to neighbor disputes, ground lease interpretation, and garden variety contract disputes.

Probate and estate litigation

OGR represents clients in all types of disputes in Probate court, including will contests, surviving spousal rights action, claims by beneficiaries or fiduciaries for misappropriation, conversion, recovery of property, enforcement of settlement agreements, and objections to faulty accountings. OGR also represents Estate representatives and Conservators in estate administration, Accountings, distributions and the like.

Contract disputes

OGR represents clients in all types of contractual disputes. These disputes have arisen in and involved many different contexts, including pharmaceutical industry arrangements, construction agreement disputes, and collection matters, among others.

Franchise litigation

OGR primarily represents franchisors in litigation against franchisees, typically to terminate a franchise or to recover damages for failure to comply with the franchise agreement

Entertainment litigation

OGR has represented entertainment clients — primarily studios and producers — in a wide variety of lawsuits, from alleged damages on locations to misappropriation of intellectual property.

Shareholder derivative litigation

OGR has represented both companies and dissenting minority shareholders in numerous shareholder derivative cases.

Business tort litigation

OGR represents businesses pursuing or defending the entire spectrum of business torts, including breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, interference with contract, and statutory violations (such as violations of Business & Professions Code §17200, RESPA, and others).

Class actions

OGR initiated and pursued a class action against the County of Maui. OGR was successful in winning the case on summary judgment and causing the county to make over 10,000 refunds to property taxpayers who had filed property tax appeals.   The case was instrumental in the passage of a revised ordinance that protected the rights of appellants who had succeeded in real property tax appeals and were entitled to interest on their property tax refunds.


OGR has a great deal of experience representing proposed conservatees and proposed conservators in contested and uncontested conservatorship cases.

Legal and Accountant Malpractice

OGR has prosecuted and defended numerous malpractice cases for and against lawyers and accountants.

Minor League Baseball issues

The partners of OGR owned and operated a Minor League Baseball team for 8 years, and have extensive experience in all legal and business aspects of ownership and operations, including stadium construction, stadium leases, territorial rights and restrictions, and franchise relocation.